Man Wanted For Theft of Wallet From UNL's East Campus

LINCOLN -- UNL Police are looking for a 33-year-old Native American man, they believe, tried stealing a wallet late Tuesday afternoon from an office in Ag Hall on East Campus.  They know who he is, but haven't found him yet.  The victim confronted the suspect and tried to prevent him from leaving.  There was a struggle.  The suspect pushed the victim to the ground, taking off on a bicycle.  He's Native American, 5'9", 210 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.  It's prompted UNL Police to warn people on campus to lock up their personal belongings in desks or security storage facilities.  Don't leave laptop computer or handheld devices unattended in an office, at meetings, or in a car.  If you see anything suspicious or have any information on this or any other case, contact University Police immediately at (402) 472-2222.

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