House, Senate Pass Veterans Affairs Bills

(6-12-14) Lincoln might get a new outpatient medical clinic for veterans thanks to a new piece of legislation passed in the Senate this week. U.S. Senator for Nebraska, Mike Johanns, co-sponsored the bill. He said the purpose of the bill is to address concerns with Veterans Affairs and improve health service access for veterans." 

Senator Johanns said the bill would allow Lincoln to lease out a "new VA community-based outpatient clinic" which would replace medical clinics throughout the city. Veterans who have been on excessively long medical wait lists would be able to seek care from private providers under the new law.

Senator Johanns said the bill also adds transparency and accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The House of Representatives also passed a bill earlier in the week addressing issues with Veterans Affairs and veterans on medical wait lists. 
Senator Johanns hopes a final bill can be passed and finalized on the issue quickly.

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