City and State Roads Department Agree Upon How to Disperse $16.6 Million

The City has $16.6 million in federal spending that will expire soon and Mayor Chris Beutler says an agreement has been reached with the Nebraska Department of Roads on how to use it. 
"Because of federal restrictions and time constraints, we are unable to use those funds on our highest priority projects--new construction and street rehabilitation," Beutler said. 
The agreement will allow the state roads department to use the money on Interstate-80 reconstruction and improvements on NW 48th Street in the Air Park.  In return, the city of Lincoln will get credit for the same amount toward its $40 Million share for the proposed South Beltway project in Lincoln. The Beltway is expected to lessen truck traffic on Nebraska 2 in south Lincoln and will be started by 2020. The agreement would need to get the approval from the Lincoln City Council and Lancaster County Board.

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