Molitov Cocktail Thrower Arrested

(4-9-14) 27-year-old Daniel Walter has been arrested for allegedly throwing several burning cocktails out of a moving car on March 26. A total of five were thrown-- 4 in the Cripple Creek neighborhood and 1 at 48th and Leighton. In one of the incidents, the white Dodge Neon was caught on video survelliance and a photo of it was posted on Public Safety Director Tom Casady's blog, The Director's Desk. Officer Katie Flood said that shortly after the photos were posted, a neighbor called and said he saw the vehicle parked at 50th and South. A cover on the car blew off, exposing the distinct stripes on the roof of the Neon along with its missing side mirror. Police tracked the registration of the car to Walter. Walter and police had an arranged meeting this morning where he was arrested and put in jail for five counts of possession of destructive devices, all of which are felonies. Walter was scheduled to be araigned at 2pm the same day. Police are unaware if others were involved in the spree. No major damage and no fires were caused from the molitov cocktails.

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