Fines Possible for P Street Project Contractor

August 29th...mark it on your calendar. It's the date by which the P Street project must be done or the contractor faces stiff fines. If P Street and Centennial Mall isn't done in 30 days, City Public Works Senior Engineer, Kris Humphrey says there will be a $750 per lane fee for each day it goes on. Penalties don't stop there. The area between the west side of 13th Street and Civic Plaza also needs to be complete by the end of August or it's a $1,000 a day fine. Also coming from a meeting yesterday (Monday) with City Council members, Urban Development, Public Works and PC Sports, a decision on curb appeal like landscaping, limestone benches, and vases. Those finishing touches have to be done by early October to avoid a $300 per day fine.

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