Today's Lincoln Live: Gang Activity in Lincoln

LINCOLN -- KFOR's Dale Johnson sits down with Lincoln Police Chief, Jim Peshong, today on Lincoln Live to talk about growing gang activity in Lincoln. Police say rival gangs have been shooting at each other for at least 6 years...some have been shot, but none killed, until this past weekend. 20 year old, Erick Musito was shot in an apartment near 18th and G early Sunday morning, believed to be the act of a rival gang member, 22 year old, Hector Lopez. Police got a tip that Lopez was at his mother's home at 25th and Theresa. SWAT surrounded the mobile home, with Lopez allegedly firing several shots from within the home, at least one shot was towards officers. Eventually, officers got a camera inside trailer and found Lopez lying on the floor...a gunshot wound to the head and a pistol lying next to him. Police never fired into the home. There will be a grand jury investigation because Lopez was in police custody when he was found dead.

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