Omaha Boy Battles Rare Food Allergy

LINCOLN -- Friends and family of a 3-year-old Omaha boy named Jamus Hovseth are stepping up to help him, as he battles FPIES, which is a type of food allergy affecting the gastrointestinal  tract.  Jamus has NO safe foods. He has spent his life testing, reacting, and healing in search of even ONE food his body can tolerate. He lives on an elemental formula called Neocate Junior, but the formula from Neocate recently changed and now his body no longer tolerates it.  Dan Carstensen of Lincoln is friends with Jamus' (jay-musses) parents and is spearheading the effort to inform Neocate officials to come up with another formula to help Jamus and other kids affected by this rare disorder. Classic symptoms of FPIES include profound vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.  Carstensen tells KFOR News there is a Facebook page up called Fight For Jamus to help rally support and attention to this matter.  Here's the link:




Jamus Hovseth (Courtesy photo via Fight For Jamus Facebook page).

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