Temporary No Parking Along Marathon Route

LINCOLN -- Sunday's running of the 36th Lincoln Marathon is prompting the City Public Works and Utilities Department to limit parking along the running route. On-street parking will be prohibited in all areas where "temporary no parking" signs are posted. Those restrictions will be in effect at 6 o'clock Sunday morning and stay in effect until the last runner has cleared the area. No parking signs will be posted along Vine Street from 14th to 16th Streets. Along 16th Street from Vine to South, then from Sheridan Boulevard from South to Calvert Streets. Calvert from 48th Street to Highway 2, then 20th Street from Highway 2 to Calvert, all the way to Harrison Street from 10th to 20th. The final stretch along 10th Street will have no parking from Harrison to "Q" Streets. For more information, go to www.lincolnmarathon.org.

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