The Coby Mach Show

Coby Mach started in broadcasting at age 14 at KSAL in Salina, Kansas.  Mach worked at several  radio stations in Kansas before moving to Nebraska in 1987.  Mach spent several years at KRGI in Grand Island and was a sports reporter for KFAB in Omaha and hosted the “70’s at 7” on KGOR.  Mach has been recognized with awards from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and Associated Press.  He also accompanied Governor Heineman on a very successful trade mission to Cuba which resulted in major purchases of Nebraska’s agricultural products.
Currently Mach has a full-time job as the President of the Lincoln Independent Business Association which has over 1,250 members.  Coby and his wife Lorie have lived in Lincoln for the past 18 years and have two daughters currently working their way through college.

Listen to Coby weekdays 5p-6p on KFOR 1240 and

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Trent Fellers 7/29/15

Councilman Trent Fellers reacts to the news of the 14th and Old Cheney/Warlick Blvd roundabout.

Miki Esposito 7/29/15

Public Works Director Miki Esposito tells us more about the elevated roundabout that the city is planning to build at 14th and Old Cheney/Warlick Blvd.

Jeff Fortenberry 7/29/15

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry talks about the Iran nuclear deal and Planned Parenthood.

Tony Skov 7/28/15

Tony Skov from Critter Ridders tells us more about why bats cannot be moved from homes until August and why they are so important to our ecology.

Thor Schrock 7/28/15

Thor Schrock of Schrock Innovations tells us more about the upcoming Windows 10 update that begins tonight.

Joe Kelly 7/28/15

County Attorney Joe Kelly tells us about his meeting with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and confirms that Lincoln is NOT a 'Sanctuary City'.

Pat Egan 7/27/15

Pat Egan from Crazy Cracker talks about the city council looking into banning sky lanterns.

Matt Litt 7/27/15

Matt Litt from Americans For Prosperity talks about a poll they conducted showing people's opinion on property taxes.

Sgt. Jeff Sorensen 7/22/15

Sgt. Jeff Sorensen from LPD's gang unit updates us on gang activity in Lincoln.

Pat Leach/Herb Friedman 7/21/15

Pat Leach of Lincoln City Libraries and Herb Friedman President of the Library Board discuss why they are still interested in the Pershing Center building for a new library.

Roma Amundson 7/21/15

County Commissioner Roma Amundson updates us on the latest at the county, including property taxes.

Pastor Tom 7/20/15

Pastor Tom Barber from the People City Mission discusses the issue of panhandling.

Terry Uland 7/20/15

Terry Uland from the Downtown Lincoln Association talks about the issue of panhandlers.

Trent Fellers 7/17/15

City councilman Trent Fellers previews Monday's city council meeting.

Matt Schulte 7/15/15

Matt Schulte from the Board of Education shares why he thinks that property tax relief is a possibility.

Julie Schmidt-Albin 7/15/15

Julie Schmidt-Albin from Nebraska Right to Life reacts to the video of a medical member of Planned Parenthood casually talking about selling baby body parts.

Jeff Fortenberry 7/14/15

Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry reacts to the nuclear deal the US made with Iran earlier today.

Lonnie Burkland 7/14/15

Lonnie Burkland from City of Lincoln Traffic Department talks traffic lights and takes questions from listeners.

Bob Evnen 7/13/15

Does the death penalty really cost more than life in prison? Lincoln Attorney shares information he has researched that says it does not.

Blanche Lincoln 7/10/15

Lincoln, a former U.S. Senator, discusses trends in small businesses and independent contractors.

Trent Fellers 7/10/15

Council member Fellers discusses issues the council will address at its upcoming meeting on Monday.

Ron Brown 7/9/15

Former Husker Football Assistant Coach Brown talks about an upcoming conference for men in Omaha.

Senator Deb Fischer 7/9/15

Fischer discusses political issues such as the FCC and the possible nuclear agreement with Iron.

Governor Pete Ricketts 7/8/15

The Governor talks about his new "Re-employment Plan" through the Department Of Labor, as well as WOTUS and plans for the upcoming sesquicentennial.

Dave Haring 7/8/15

Haring, the Executive Director of the Lincoln Airport, talks about how the computer glitch with United Airlines affected travel from Lincoln.

Carl Eskridge 7/7/15

Councilman Eskridge talks about if and how the city can regulate "Peddle Pubs"

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry 7/7/15

Fortenberry discusses a possible Nuclear agreement with Iran.

Miki Esposito 7/6/15

Esposito, the city's Public Works Director, talks about the Sanitary Sewer Disaster Relief program is going.

Bill Moody 7/6/15

Chief Fire Inspector Moody discusses how the 4th of July holiday was for Lincoln Firefighters.

Dean Edson 7/2/15

Edson, with the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts, explains why the state of Nebraska is suing the EPA over recent water regulation by the federal government.