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Coby Mach started in broadcasting at age 14 at KSAL in Salina, Kansas.  Mach worked at several  radio stations in Kansas before moving to Nebraska in 1987.  Mach spent several years at KRGI in Grand Island and was a sports reporter for KFAB in Omaha and hosted the “70’s at 7” on KGOR.  Mach has been recognized with awards from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and Associated Press.  He also accompanied Governor Heineman on a very successful trade mission to Cuba which resulted in major purchases of Nebraska’s agricultural products.
Currently Mach has a full-time job as the President of the Lincoln Independent Business Association which has over 1,250 members.  Coby and his wife Lorie have lived in Lincoln for the past 18 years and have two daughters currently working their way through college.

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Brent Smoyer 4/23/14

County Commissioner Brent Smoyer reacts to what County Commissioner Larry Hudkins said on the program yesterday about creating a county sales tax.

Jon Bruning 4/23/14

Attorney General Jon Bruning discusses his campaign for Governor of Nebraska on the Coby Mach Show

Larry Hudkins 4/22/14

County Commissioner Larry Hudkins discusses the possibility of a county sales tax being implemented.

Tom Lorenz 4/21/14

General Manager of Pinnacle Bank Arena talks about booking Paul McCartney at PBA in July.

Pete Pirsch 4/21/14

State Senator Pete Pirsch is running for Attorney General. He talks about why on the Coby Mach Show.

Brian Buescher 4/21/14

Candidate for Attorney General Brian Buescher talks about why he wants to be the next Attorney General of Nebraska.

Judy Halstead 4/18/14

Judy Halstead, director of Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, talks about the air quality in Lincoln due to the controled burns in Kansas.

Jon Camp 4/18/14

City Councilman Jon Camp talks about the Haymarket shuttle service and the the agenda for the council next week.

Gov. Dave Heineman 4/17/14

Governor Heineman recaps the legislative session which adjourned just as the Governor joined the program.

Dr. Steve Joel 4/17/14

Dr. Steve Joel responds to the 'how to handle a bully' flyer that came out of a Lincoln school.

Mike Foley 4/16/14

State Auditor and cadidate for Governor Mike Foley talks about his campaign.

Farmer Bill Hawkins 4/16/14

Bill Hawkins, known as Farmer Bill, helped to push hemp farming in Nebraska. He discusses hemp and his stance on legalizing marijuana.

Tom Casady 4/15/14

Public Safety Director Tom Casady talks about the 911 service going down earlier today and the need to upgrade the radio system within the police department.

Ray Keating 4/15/14

Ray Keating from Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council talking about a bill in Congress that would impact USA's energy policy.

Pete Pirsch 4/11/14

State Senator Pete Pirsch gives a wrap of the legislative session.

Nick Gregath 4/11/14

Nick Gregath from ESPN 1480 previews the Nebraska Spring Game.

Trent Fellers 4/11/14

City Councilman Trent Fellers previews the agenda for the council next week.

Amber Parker 4/10/14

Amber Parker testified in front of the Nebraska Board of Education regarding transgender students and which locker area should be designated for them.

Pete Ricketts 4/10/14

Pete Ricketts, candidate for Neb Governor, joins Coby in studio to share his campaign and why he thinks he should be the next Governor of Nebraska.

Dr. Chris Wolfe 4/9/14

Dr Chris Wolfe, Chair of the Nebraska Optometric Association, talks about LB 526 that would have allowed optometrists the ability to do minor surgical procedures.

Ernie Goss 4/9/14

Creighton University professor of economics Ernie Goss talks about the economy, taxes, and the best move for the youth of America when it comes to education.

State Sen. Colby Coash 4/8/14

State Senator Colby Coash updates us on the latest in the state legislature, including last nights antics.

State Sen. Amanda McGill 4/7/14

State Senator Amanda McGill discusses her bill that would make the practice of 'upskirting' illegal in Nebraska.

Corey Goulet 4/7/14

Vice-President of the Keystone XL Pipeline project with TransCanada shares why he is in Lincoln to discuss the pipeline with the state legislature.

Jim Jenkins 4/4/14

Senate candidate Jim Jenkins shares his frustration for not being included in Senate debates.

Jon Camp 4/4/14

City Councilman Jon Camp updates us on the the agenda of the council next week.

Dave Landis 4/3/14

Urban Development Director Dave Landis fills everyone in on the latest developments regarding P Street Construction.

Deena Winter 4/3/14

Deena Winter from NE Watchdog catches us up on the wild day in the state legislature.

State Sen. Brad Ashford 4/2/14

State Senator Brad Ashford discusses the prison issue and the Good Time Law.

John Comerford 4/1/14

John Comerford, 2nd in command of Shane Osborn's historic flight, shares his point of view of the flight and defends the actions of Orborn.

Pat Loontjer 4/1/14

Director of Gambling with the Good Life, Pat Loontjer, explains why they are fighting against the proposed amendment that would all betting on historic horse races.

Harvey Perlman 3/31/14

UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman shares his opinion on colligiate athletes being paid to play.

Gov. Dave Heineman 3/31/14

Gov. Dave Heineman shares why he brought out the 'red pen' and vetoed numerous bills.

Trent Fellers 3/28/14

City Councilman Trent Fellers previews what the council will work on next week.

Bill Harding 3/27/14

Attorney Bill Harding explains the possibilities of NCAA football players being allowed to unionize.

State Sen. Tom Carlson 3/27/14

State Senator and candidate for Nebraska's next Governor, Tom Carlson, shares his views and why he wants to be the next Governor.

Sec of State John Gale 3/26/14

Secretary of State John Gale discusses serious possbile issues that could alter the election process.

Bishop James Conley 3/25/14

Bishop James Conley issued a letter today about contraception. He talks about it on the Coby Mach Show.

Jane Stricker 3/25/14

Jane Stricker, owner of Footloose and Fancy, shares her frustration with the P Street construction and how it has drasticly hurt their business.

Jane Stricker 3/25/14

Jane Stricker, owner of Footloose and Fancy, shares her frustration with the P Street construction and how it has drasticly hurt their business.