The Coby Mach Show

Coby Mach started in broadcasting at age 14 at KSAL in Salina, Kansas.  Mach worked at several  radio stations in Kansas before moving to Nebraska in 1987.  Mach spent several years at KRGI in Grand Island and was a sports reporter for KFAB in Omaha and hosted the “70’s at 7” on KGOR.  Mach has been recognized with awards from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and Associated Press.  He also accompanied Governor Heineman on a very successful trade mission to Cuba which resulted in major purchases of Nebraska’s agricultural products.
Currently Mach has a full-time job as the President of the Lincoln Independent Business Association which has over 1,250 members.  Coby and his wife Lorie have lived in Lincoln for the past 18 years and have two daughters currently working their way through college.

Listen to Coby weekdays 5p-6p on KFOR 1240 and

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Pete Ricketts 9/16/14

Candidate for Governor Pete Ricketts discusses his plan to reduce property taxes in the state.

Rick Boucher 9/16/14

Attorney Rick Boucher represents Southeast Rural Fire and talks about the interest in working with LFR.

Patsy Martin 9/16/14

Patsy Martin from Voices of Hope talks about the growing issue of domestic violence.

Kelly Van Bruggen 9/15/14

Kelly Van Bruggen from the City of Lincoln talks about a possible new program called Bike Share.

Jon Camp 9/12/14

Councilman Jon Camp previews the council's agenda for Monday.

Tim Timmons 9/11/14

Tim Timmons from the Lincoln/Lancaster Health Dept. explains Enterovirus D68 and why it's in the news as of late.

Senator Mike Johanns 9/11/14

Senator Mike Johanns reacts to President Obama's speech last night regarding ISIS/ISIL

Jim Vokal 9/10/14

Platte Institute CEO Jim Vokal explains the issues the state has with Medicare.

Chuck Hassebrook 9/10/14

Democratic candidate for governor Chuck Hassebrook talks about the latest regarding the Republican Lt Gov ticket and his campaign.

Matt Aerni 9/9/14

Attorney Matt Aerni gives us his perspective on the Heidemann family incident.

Mike Foley 9/9/14

State Auditor Mike Foley talks about his decision to join Pete Ricketts as his running mate in the November gubernatorial election.

Dr Angela Hewlett 9/8/14

Dr Angela Hewlett from UNMC talks about the ebola patient that has been transported to UNMC and the importance of their involvement.

Dr. Mark Rupp 9/5/14

Chief Doctor of Infectious Diseases at UNMC, Rupp discusses the recent Ebola outbreak.

Doug Emergy 9/5/14

City council member Doug Emery discusses what is on the upcoming agenda for next Monday's meeting.

Deena Winter 9/4/14

Winter, of Nebraska Watchdog, talks about today's hearing regarding sentencing miscalculation within the Nebraska prison system.

Jon Bruning 9/4/14

The Attorney General discusses what he considers misleading information in the governor's race.

Richard Meginnis 9/3/14

LPS Board Member Richard Meginnis gives updates on the latest school issues and a contest to name the new schools.

David Carey 9/3/14

Carey, a city planning manager, talks about making future commercial developments in Lincoln more "pedestrian friendly".

Jason Hutchinson 9/2/14

Hutchinson, the owner of Jake's Cigar Bar, discusses the recent state Supreme Court ruling on indoor smoking.

Dr. Vinita Sauder 9/2/14

Meet the new president of Union College.

Tony Fulton Segment 2 8/29/14

Former state senator Tony Fulton discusses a variety of topics, including the niobium mine in southeast Nebraska.

Coby Mach Segment Two 8/28/14

KFOR listeners call with their concerns of the safety bond issue.

Coby Mach Segment One 8/28/14

Coby discusses and plays news clips from the Mayor's press conference on Thursday regarding the safety bond issues.

Linda Killian 8/27/14

Killian is a writer for the Wall Street Journal and a nationally recognized expert on Independent voters.

Linda Killian 8/27/14

Killian is a writer for the Wall Street Journal and a nationally recognized expert on Independent voters.

Scott Honan 8/27/14

Honan, the VP of NioCorp Development, talks about latest plans for drilling at the niobium mine in southeast Nebraska.

Dave Shively 8/26/14

Election Commisioner Dave Shively discusses the possibility of the proposed safety bond issue being on the November ballot.

Jon Camp 8/26/14

Council Member Jon Camp discusses his proposal to research the safety bond issue, tabled by the city council on Monday evening.

Mayor Chris Beutler 8-25-14

Lincoln's Mayor discusses the proposed 911 Safety Bond issue being presented to the City Council on 8/25.

Trent Fellers 8/22/14

Council Member Fellers discusses a recent amendment to the 911 safety bond issue, which has could be increased to fund 4 new fire stations.