The Coby Mach Show

Coby Mach started in broadcasting at age 14 at KSAL in Salina, Kansas.  Mach worked at several  radio stations in Kansas before moving to Nebraska in 1987.  Mach spent several years at KRGI in Grand Island and was a sports reporter for KFAB in Omaha and hosted the “70’s at 7” on KGOR.  Mach has been recognized with awards from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and Associated Press.  He also accompanied Governor Heineman on a very successful trade mission to Cuba which resulted in major purchases of Nebraska’s agricultural products.
Currently Mach has a full-time job as the President of the Lincoln Independent Business Association which has over 1,250 members.  Coby and his wife Lorie have lived in Lincoln for the past 18 years and have two daughters currently working their way through college.

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Silvio Palomino 1/22/15

Silvio Palomino from Palomino Cigars talks about tomorrow nights Cigar Festival.

Ron Brown 1/22/15

Former Husker coach Ron Brown reflects on his career with Nebraska and tells us why he decided to accept a job at Youngstown State with Bo Pelini.

Sen. Tommy Garrett 1/21/15

State Senator Tommy Garrett explains his bill that would legalize medicinal marijuana.

Jason Hutchinson 1/21/15

Jason Hutchinson, manager of Jake's Cigar Bar, informs us that he's been officially informed that today is the final day people can smoke in his establishment.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry 1/21/15

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry reacts to last nights State of the Union address.

Matt Nielsen 1/20/15

Matt Nielsen from Lincoln Poker Tour and Lincoln Poker Services agrees that poker should be called a game of skill, but his opinion on gambling on poker may surprise you.

Pat Loontjer 1/20/15

Pat Loontjer from Gambling with the Good Life shares her thoughts on a bill that would define poker as a game of skill which would allow legal betting in Nebraska.

Dick Clark 1/19/15

Dick Clark from the Platte Institute joins the Coby Mach Show to talk about tax reform.

State Senator Tyson Larson 1/19/15

State Senator Tyson Larson explains his bill, LB 330, and why he thinks that bars should determine whether or not they can stay open for 24 hours.

Tom Lorenz 1/16/15

Tom Lorenz talks about the auction of everything inside Pershing Center, including the basketball court.

State Senator Bill Kintner 1/15/15

State Sen Bill Kintner talks about some of the bills he is introducing and bills that have been introduced by others.

State Senator Laura Ebke 1/15/15

State Sen Laura Ebke discusses a couple of bills she has introduced including a bill to change prohibited locations to carry a concealed handgun and a bill regarding union dues.

State Sen. Al Davis 1/14/15

State Senator Al Davis discusses his bill to shift taxes to help fund rural schools in the state.

Mayor Chris Beutler 1/14/15

Mayor Chris Beutler talks about his decision to run for a third term as Lincoln's mayor.

Rob Ogden 1/13/15

Chief Field Deputy for the Lancaster Assessors Office explains the latest property assessments and how you can appeal.

Jim Davidsaver 1/13/15

Lancaster County Emergency Management Director Jim Davidsaver explains what happened with the early morning sirens the previous night.

Brigham McCown 1/12/15

Brigham McCown, former senior executive at the US Dept of Transportation, updates us on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Chris Scott 1/12/15

Chris Scott from talks about a new issue invoving Lincoln Public Schools.

Dan Alberts/Sen. Roy Baker 1/9/15

Dan Alberts welcomes State Senator Roy Baker as he begins his first term ever as a state senator representing district 30.

Dan Alberts/John Skretta 1/8/15

Dan Alberts filling in for Coby and welcomes Norris School Superintendent John Skretta.

Dan Alberts/The Bay 010715

Dan Alberts welcomes in three guests involved with The Bay in Lincoln.

Dan Alberts/Dr. Steve Joel 1/6/15

Dan Alberts fills in for Coby and welcomes LPS Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel to the program.

Dan Alberts/Rev Stu Kerns

Dan Alberts fills in for Coby and welcomes Rev Stu Kerns to talk about optimism in life.

Peter Katt Part 2 1/2/15

Lincoln Real Estate Attorney Peter Katt, joins guest-host Dan Alberts, to discuss how attitudes of the millennial generation affects our economy.

Peter Katt Part 1 1/2/15

Lincoln Real Estate Attorney, Peter Katt, discusses what attitudes of the millennial generation has on our economy.

Tony & Basil Fulton, Part 2 12/31/14

Guest-host Dan Alberts chats about the wisdom of children with Tony Fulton and his 8-year-old son, Basil.

Tony & Basil Fulton 12/31/14

Guest-host Dan Alberts chats about the wisdom of children with Tony Fulton and his 8-year-old son, Basil.

Miki Esposito 12/30/14

Director of Public Works Miki Esposito tackles the pothole discussion.

Mayor Chris Beutler 12/30/14

Mayor Beutler joins the program to talk about how the city of Lincoln hopes to benefit from the new legislative session.

Retailers Group 4

Coby talks to Dan Schmidt of Hobbytown and Jim Plucknett at Four Star Drug about Christmas retails sales.