The Coby Mach Show

Coby Mach started in broadcasting at age 14 at KSAL in Salina, Kansas.  Mach worked at several  radio stations in Kansas before moving to Nebraska in 1987.  Mach spent several years at KRGI in Grand Island and was a sports reporter for KFAB in Omaha and hosted the “70’s at 7” on KGOR.  Mach has been recognized with awards from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and Associated Press.  He also accompanied Governor Heineman on a very successful trade mission to Cuba which resulted in major purchases of Nebraska’s agricultural products.
Currently Mach has a full-time job as the President of the Lincoln Independent Business Association which has over 1,250 members.  Coby and his wife Lorie have lived in Lincoln for the past 18 years and have two daughters currently working their way through college.

Listen to Coby weekdays 5p-6p on KFOR 1240 and

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Pastor Tom Barber 2/27/15

Pastor Tom talks about issues they face at the Peoples City Mission.

Jon Camp 2/27/15

Council member Camp discusses what's on the agenda of next Monday's meeting.

Rod Moeller 2/27/15

Moeller, on the board of directors of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, discusses several of the firearms bills in the legislature.

John Cartier 2/26/15

John Cartier is running for District 4 School Board. He talks about why he is running.

Liz Standish 2/26/15

Liz Standish from LPS talks about the bill in the legislature that would require all school busses to have seatbelts.

Todd Ogden 2/25/15

Todd Ogden from the Downtown Lincoln Association talks about the possibility of a bike share program in downtown Lincoln.

Dave Herring 2/25/15

New Lincoln Airport Executive Director Dave Herring talks about his vision for the airport under his watch.

State Senator Robert Hilkemann 2/24/15

State Senator Robert Hilkemann discusses his bill that would require school buses to include seat belts.

Deb Fischer 2/24/15

Senator Deb Fischer talks about the latest in Washington DC, including President Obama vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline bill.

Gary Young 2/23/15

Young, legal council for the Lincoln Police Union, discusses whether or not the city has enough officers.

Nick Gregath 2/23/15

An announcer with our sister station, KLMS, Gregath discusses the recent events regarding Coach Tim Miles and the UNL Men's Basketball team.

Colby Coash 2/20/15

State Senator Coash discusses the cigar bar bill.

Trent Fellers 2/20/15

City Council Member Trent Fellers discusses upcoming issues on Monday's meeting agenda.

Rod Edwards 2/19/15

Rod Edwards, campaign manager for Andy Stebbing, explains their position on the need for more cops after they released emails from LPD Chief Peschong.

Roy Christensen 2/19/15

City Councilman Roy Christensen reacts to emails from LPD Chief Peschong that were released stating we do not have enough cops.

Shari Lawlor 2/18/15

Shari Lawlor is a mother of a 22 year old who has greatly benefited from medicinal marijuana. She shares her story and why she is a major proponent of legalizing medicinal marijuana in Nebraska.

State Senator John Murante 2/17/15

State Senator John Murante explains his bill regarding voter ID.

Roma Amundson 2/17/15

Lancaster County Commissioner Roma Amundson shares what issues the county is facing to start the year.

Matt Innis 2/16/15

Matt Innis from the Lancaster County Republican Party in studio asking why the city didn't know the 911 system was going to need replaced.

Tom Osborne 2/13/15

Tom Osborne updates us on the latest with TeamMates and shares what it was like being on the first College Football Playoff Committee.

Mike Benker/Ken Svoboda 2/13/15

Mike Benker from the Home Builders Association of Lincoln and Ken Svoboda from Ray's Lawn Care tell us how the first day of the Home and Garden Show has done.

Al Riskowski 2/12/15

Riskowski, representing Family Alliance, discusses the impact of LB 586.

Miki Esposito 2/12/15

Coby talks to Public Works Director about the progress of pothole repair in Lincoln.

Miki Esposito 2/12/15

Coby talks to Public Works Director about the progress of pothole repair in Lincoln.

Denna Winter 2/11/15

Deena Winter from Nebraska Watchdog recaps some of the action in today's state legislature session.

Cecil Steward 2/11/15

Cecil Steward from the Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities shares his idea for Pershing Center.

Matt Schulte 2/10/15

The latest person to announce their candidacy for Lincoln school board, Matt Schulte, explains why he is running.

Senator Dave Bloomfield 2/10/15

State Senator Dave Bloomfield shares why he wants to repeal the helmet law.

Police Chief Jim Peschong 2/9/15

Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peschong discusses what it took to arrest the suspect in 12 armed robberies.

Andy Curren 2/6/15

Andy Curren, co-creator of the website, talks about his website and how it works.