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Lanny Boswell 10/20/14

LPS Board of Education board member, Lanny Boswell, discusses the latest regarding the gender inclusion papers.

Matt Innis 10/20/14

Head of the Lancaster County Republican Party, Matt Innis, reacts to Patte Newman's comments about a part of Lincoln being a 'hellmouth'.

Dr. Allison Freifeld

Dr. Freifeld is an Infectious Disease Specialist from UNMC, talking about the latest developments in the fight against Ebola.

Gov. Heineman 10/16/14

Gov. Dave Heineman responds to being subpoenaed to testify in the investigation of the Nebraska prison system.

Jim Jenkins 10/16/14

U.S. Senate candidate Jim Jenkins talks about his campaign.

Senator Deb Fischer 10/15/14

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer talks about nuclear sites, ebola, and the Affordable Care Act.

Rachel Terry 10/15/14

The LPS parent who brought the Irving Middle School gender inclusion papers to light.

Tom Casady 10/14/14

Public Safety Director Tom Casady talks about the upcoming committee to look at safety issues in Lincoln, including the addition of new fire/police stations.

John Wells 10/14/14

John Wells from Omaha Police talks about why his union is upset with the state penitentiary system.

Roy Christensen 10/10/14

City Councilman Roy Christensen previews the upcoming city council meeting on Monday.

Don Mayhew 10/9/14

LPS Board of Education member Don Mayhew discusses the press conference held by LPS to address the national media attention surrounding the story about gender inclusiveness in LPS.

Todd Watson 10/9/14

Candidate for U.S. Senate Todd Watson shares why he is running for senate.

Ben Sasse 10/8/14

Candidate for U.S. Senate, Ben Sasse, talks about the latest news and how he thinks the U.S. needs to do. He also responds to critics who have called him out for not showing up to debates.

Al Riskowski 10/8/14

Executive Director of Nebraska Family Alliance talks about their involvement in LPS and their push to be more inclusive to children who do not conform to traditional gender rolls.

Dick Clark 10/7/14

Dick Clark from the Platte Institute shares results from a study they have done regarding the effect of raising the minimum wage.

Pastor Tom Barber 10/6/14

Pastor Tom Barber of the People's City Mission shares his thoughts on the idea of placing old parking meters in downtown to raise money for the People's City Mission to curb giving money to panhandlers.

Jon Camp 10/3/14

City Councilman Jon Camp previews the Monday city council meeting.

Wes Staley 10/2/14

Wes Staley, co-founder of LEAPS - LGBTQ Education and Public Speaking, discusses gender inclusion in schools and what the transgender community faces in schools.

Joe Kelly 10/2/14

Lancaster Co Attorney Joe Kelly joins the program.

Dr. Steve Joel 10/1/14

Dr Steve Joel, Superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools, talks about LPS being gender inclusive.

Dr Mark Rupp 9/30/14

Dr Mark Rupp from UNMC talks about the breaking news of the first case of Ebola confirmed in the USA.

Amanda Gailey 9/30/14

Amanda Gailey from Nebraskans Against Gun Violence shares why she is worried about people who open carry in public areas such as a farmers market.

'Betty' Old Cheney Gun Holder 9/29/14

'Betty' open carries a handgun. She explains why and defends her reasoning after a photo of her was taken at the Old Cheney Farmers Market.

Wayne Mixdorf 9/29/14

Manager for Lincoln Parking Services, Wayne Mixdorf, explains the new parking app for parking meters.

Trent Fellers 9/26/14

City Councilman Trent Fellers previews Monday's council meeting.

Dave Domina 9/25/14

US Senate candidate Dave Domina talks about running a campaign and addresses rumors about fundraising.

Todd Ogden 9/25/14

Todd Ogden, Marketing Director for the Downtown Lincoln Association, talks about the exciting program that starts in October to encourage Lincolnites to explore 'P' Street after the long road construction projects.

Deena Winter 9/24/14

Nebraska Watchdogs reporter Deena Winter talks about her investigative reporting into raising the minimum wage and about an environmentalist that wants to end releasing balloons at Memorial Stadium.

Dallas Jones 9/24/14

Candidate for state legislature, Dallas Jones, discusses his campaign and why wants to represent District 28.

Tim Clare 9/23/14

University of Nebraska Regent Tim Clare discusses the arena and UNMC's involvement with ebola.