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Problems and Solutions

Weekday mornings from 9:00-10:00
The Problems & Solutions line-up and podcasts can be found at

Lincoln Live

Weekday's 12:30p-1p
Dale Johnson hosts Lincoln Live weekdays from 12:30pm top 1pm. You'll hear stories and shows that affect us here in Lincoln. No matter what the topic, you'll always be entertained and informed listening to Lincoln Live on KFOR 1240.


The Coby Mach Show

Listen to the news makers and city and state officials during Lincoln's talk show, The Coby Mach Show, weekdays 5p-6p on KFOR 1240.

Art Link

Weekday's during Lincoln's News Hour 12p-12:30p
A daily feature highlighting part of Lincoln's Art Community. 

Nebraska Outdoors

Thursday from 6pm to 7pm

In The Garden with Earl May

Saturday's 8:30a-9a
Keep your garden looking its best year round with tips and advice from Earl May Garden Centers. Call in with your question every Saturday at 8:30am on KFOR 1240.

Start Moving

Saturday's 8a-8:30a
Learn all about buying and selling a home with Rich Rodenberg from Nebraska Home Sales every Saturday morning at 8am.

Your Pet's Health

Saturday's 9a-9:30a
Your pet is more than just a pet. They are a part of your family. Dr. Bryan Welty of Capital Animal Clinic knows the importance pets play in our lives and is ready to take your questions about your pet's health. Listen every Saturday morning at 9am on KFOR 1240.

Answers on Aging

Saturday's 9:30am-10a

Compute This

Saturday's 10a-11a
Technology has become a cornerstone in our lives, but what happens when your computer starts to act up? Get your questions answered every Saturday morning at 10am by Thor Schrock of Schrock Innovations, Lincoln's #1 independant computer repair company.

Your Home Authority

Saturday's 11a-12p
You service your vehicle. You maintain your computer. But what about your home's heating and cooling systems? Listen every Saturday morning starting at 11am for Your Home Authority with Bryant Heating and Air to learn about how you can improve your home's comfort systems.

The Mutual Fund Show

Saturday's 12p-1p
The Mutual Fund Show is the first nationally syndicated radio program to offer independent and objective investment advice focused primarily on mutual funds. Listeners across the country tune into The Mutual Fund Show every weekend to hear one of a kind insight.