Lincoln Water Levels Good, No Residential Watering Schedule in Demand

Mayor Beutler announced today that Lincoln's water supply is 95 percent full and he will not ask residents to follow a watering schedule at this time. The water level was below normal from December to March and slightly above normal in April. Mayor Beutler says that this can easily change due to our unpredictable weather. He advises residents to stay informed on the issue and practice water conservation now.

Lawn professionals give residents the following tips in terms of decreasing outdoor watering:
  • Watering once or twice a week is sufficient (over-watering can lead to shallow roots and lawn diseases);
  • Don't water in wind or during the heat of the day;
  • Raise your mower height to 3.5 inches, and leave mulch on the lawn to retain moisture. 
  • Keep automatic sprinklers maintained, install a rain sensor and reduce watering times.
  • Make sure sprinklers water the lawn, not cement.

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