Lincoln Police Catch Stabbing Suspect

Lincoln Police have caught the man they say is responsible for a stabbing early Sunday morning.  Around 7:40 a.m., LPD Captain David Beggs said  30-year-old Leslie Alsop went into the CVS Pharmacy and asked the cashier about a TracFone prepaid cellphone. Alsop then grabbed the prepaid cellphone and ran away on foot. The cashier tried to chase down and subdue him in the parking lot. Captain Beggs said when the cashier made an attempt to hold him down, Alsop stabbed the cashier in the elbow with a pair of scissors. The man got away on foot and ran to the 1700 block of South 16th Street, where he was taken into custody by police. As of Monday morning, Alsop is still in jail. The cashier suffered only minor injuries and refused medical treatment.

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