Former Crime Scene Investigator Ordered to Pay Restitution and Punitive Damages

Discredited former Douglas County crime scene investigator David Kofoed has been ordered to pay a total of nearly $6.6 million to two men he's accused of framing for a double murder. U.S. Judge Joseph Bataillon issued the orders, entering judgment of $1.66 million to compensate Matthew Livers, as well as another $1.65 million in punitive damages. The judge also ordered Kofoed to pay nearly $1 million in Livers' attorneys' fees. A separate order awarded $1.1 million to compensate Nicholas Sampson and another $965,000 in punitive damages. Kofoed was ordered to pay nearly $200,000 in Sampson's attorneys' fees. Livers and Sampson initially were charged in the 2006 shotgun slayings of Wayne and Sharmon Stock and spent months in jail before being cleared. Kofoed spent two years in prison for evidence-tampering.

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