Film Featuring Lincoln to be Shown at the Grand Theatre

LINCOLN -- A feature-length movie, shot in Lincoln's near south neighborhood, will premier at the Grand Theatre tonight, running for 7 nights.  Vino Veritas was produced and directed by Sarah Knight, a Lincoln native who graduated from The University of Nebraska School of Journalism in 1991.  It's the story of two couples having drinks before going to a halloween party.  One of the couples brought back a native truth serum from their recent vacation in Peru, and it's poured into their cocktails as an ice breaker for the evening. The movie is about what happens when the native potion really works. Vino Veritas was filmed at the home of Lincoln Photographer David Dales near 17th and A.  It's been screened at one film festival so far, and likely will go into digital distribution next year.  It's scheduled to run at the Grand Theatre at 7:15 each night thru next Thursday.

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