City Works Employee Explains Sidewalks Repairs Campaign

The city of Lincoln is seeing more sidewalk repairs now than they have since the early 1990s, according to Lincoln City Public Works Department employee, Harry Kroos. He calls the bulk of sidewalk repairs and replacements a "campaign" by the city. Work is particuarly heavy in the Clinton neighborhood in the area of 27th and Vine streets.

Kroos told the the KFOR Coby Mach Show that contractors are working on the following areas: 
  • 27th street itself
  • West of 27th, in the Clinton neighborhood. "...Generally in the area of X Street to Fair Street and from about 23rd to 27th and that contractor will wrap up later this week," Kroos said.
  • East of 27th, in the Clinton neighborhood. From about Apple Street to Fair and Leighton streets and from about 27th to 30th. "...That contract will be completed probably by late July to mid August," 
Kroos said that between 1990 and 1992, citizens voted to shift sidewalk repair responsibilities away from property owners and onto the city.

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