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Chris is originally from North Platte, Nebraska, but has also lived in Iowa and South Dakota. Growing up, Chris always had a passion for radio, even pretending to broadcast play by play when he and his friends played sports. In 1999, Chris graduated from Norfolk High School (Go Panthers!!) and moved to Lincoln to attend the University of Nebraska to study broadcast journalism.

In 2002, Chris was hired as a part time weekend announcer for KFOR. After graduating from UNL, he became a full time employee with KFOR writing and producing commercials and working in the KFOR Newsroom. Chris now shares his time in many ways with KFOR including sharing the afternoon show with with you every weekday as well as serving as the Program Director for KFOR. Chris also helps out in the sports department, handling noon hour sportscasts and the play by play duties of high school football from time to time. He also has a passion for weather and you may hear his voice during severe weather coverage in the spring. “It’s the most exciting thing about radio. When severe weather moves into our listening area, the things we say and do at that very moment can help people stay out of harms way. It’s the true power of radio.”

Chris is excited and proud to be a part of KFOR’s rich history. “It’s amazing to think that this station has been around for over 90 years. To be a part of that storied history is a great blessing!”

Chris was married in May of 2012 to Stefanie Goforth and has been all smiles ever since. He and his wife welcomed their first child, Jude, in August 2014. When he's not at work, Chris enjoys reading, fishing, cooking, and being outdoors. You may find him trying to avoid cutting off his fingers while in the garage tackling his latest woodworking project.

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Want the recipe to Chris's Salted Caramel Apple Pie?  Here you go!! CLICK HERE!

See photo's of Chris' trip on the B-17 Bomber July 11th, 2011!  Click HERE!


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