Business of the Week

Campbell's Nurseries and Garden Centers

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and excellent customer service to stay in business for over 100 years. Campbell’s Nurseries and Garden Centers has done just that. Since 1912, four generations of the Campbell family have helped keep Lincoln landscapes beautiful.
Claude Campbell, a railway mail clerk, began selling peonies to friends and neighbors in 1912.  His son, Bob, developed the first full garden center at 40th and Normal. Now, the third and fourth generations of the family have added the 56th and Pine Lake location, allowing for more services, and plant production land on East O Street.  Landscaping crew chief Andy Campbell says, however, it's always been about high quality plants.
Andy said Campbell’s specifically picks plants that will do well in our climate and soil type. “We’re looking for plants that our clients, our customers, are going to have the best success with,” Andy said.
The trees, flowers, shrubs and vegetables from Campbell's have all been tested and proven to grow well in Lincoln. This is just one advantage they offer over catalogs, or large chain stores that ship in material from other climate zones and different soils around the country.  Another advantage is the one-on-one advice that's available with any purchase from Campbell’s.
Andy explained that Campbell‘s professional advice is available for all clients, whether you are creating an entirely new landscape, or purchasing a few plants in the store. “I think getting that knowledge and an idea of what plants will do well in certain locations is certainly going to alleviate some of those initial mistakes that can happen,” Andy said.
The service, advice and quality products are even more helpful when home or business owners call on Campbell's for the design and installation of entire landscapes, not only to have it done right, but also to help avoid mistakes that sometimes show up later.
“We see a lot of landscapes where plant material has all been purchased in the spring,” said Andy. “Everyone comes out of winter just wanting to get moving strong in the spring, and they buy all the plants that are blooming at that point. They find that midseason or fall or even winter, there is no interest in the landscape. We also see problems where people accidentally plant a plant that wants to be in 10 x 10 space right against the foundation.”
The relationship doesn't necessarily end after the plants are in the ground, either.  Many people call on Campbell's Nursery and Garden Center to maintain their landscaping, and keep it looking fresh and well trimmed.  Campbell’s is continuously growing and evolving, and their focus is on Lincoln.
“We are part of the Lincoln community,” Andy said. “We enjoy growing with Lincoln, whether that is assisting one client on their home, planting portions of the arena, or larger commercial projects around town, we see ourselves as part of the community and we really enjoy being part of the Lincoln community.”
Plants proven to flourish in Lincoln, professional service and advice, a family atmosphere and community focus all make Campbell’s Nurseries and Garden Centers our KFOR Business Of The Week.